Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2014

Facilitating the art of Audio-Video animation

I was consulted to facilitate the animation of an event and when I asked the prospect to tell me more about the available equipment, we ran into a long conversation on the art of audio-video animation.

The term DJ could have originated from the use of Discs in audio animations as tunes were stored in Vinyls and compact discs. As we move into the smartphone era, tunes are stored in micro chips (memory cards) and additional new skills are now required to deliver an appealing audio-video animation (AVDing).

While a mastery of sound and visual art is fundamental to excel in audio-video animation, delivering the fundamentals from a smartphone connected via Bluetooth to some speakers and via Miracast to some screens is currently shifting the basis of what it takes to facilitate the art of AVDing.


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